Thursday, October 12th 2017

"When I became a mom, that was it." -Ally Owens


Ally was at one of the lowest points in her life before she decided to follow Christ.

“I had just gotten out of a very unfortunate situation and had grown very far from God.”

When she became a mom, that was it.

“I didn’t want my son to grow up in an ungodly home and I also feel like my life wasn’t as happy anymore until I decided to finally take that step and follow Jesus.”

Ally described her baptism experience as “AMAZING!!” Having been baptized when she was younger, she didn’t really understand what was going on at the time. But this time, it was more personal to her heart.

After being baptized, Ally quickly became a part of the Welcome Team, so we asked her, how did taking that Next Step inspire her to jump into Friendship’s vision to glorify God as an effective and influential church? Her response was what it’s all about:

“It encouraged me to get more involved and inspire others to grow with Christ.”