Monday, November 9th 2015

When we fill our lives with glorifying God, God fills our lives with abundant joy and eternal happiness! #NotAboutMe


The 5:

A recap of Dave Crandall’s message “…But It Starts In Me!” in 5 points or less.

  1. Your ability to enjoy fulfillment in life, happiness, and joy begins in you.
  2. Enjoying fulfillment in life, happiness, and joy begins with you believing that God wants to give you a rich/satisfying life, He has provided everything for you to enjoy, that He will reward you if you seek him, and that the joy and happiness that he offers will outlast any temporary high.
  3. When we glorify God, He provides direction for our lives!
  4. When we glorify God, He supplies our every need!
  5. When we glorify God, He grants us our heart’s greatest desire!

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Kids Zone: Take It Home With You!


What We Learned:

Kids read Genesis 45 yesterday and saw a man who had every reason to hate his family, yet he chose to forgive them. Kids were challenged to forgive their family even when they aren’t acting very likable.

In the car:

Praise your kids for a time where they made a choice to show someone in your family love even when the other person was making a bad choice. Tell them about a time when you made a choice to love your family even when it was hard.

At bedtime:

Pray with your kids thanking God that he has given you such a loving family. Thank him for giving you each other through thick and thin!