Monday, November 23rd 2015

Friendship Church is focused on… Glorifying God as an Effective and Influential church through services and ministries that are…Fun, Relevant, and Never a Waste of your Time that equip and encourage people to become…Spiritually Deep, Financially Stable, Relationally Satisfied!


The 5:

A recap of Dave Crandall’s Vision Sunday 2015 message in 5 points or less.

  1. God has called us to not put up memorials to the past, he’s called us to charge into the future.
  2. We’re to be a hope and home for the hurting, not a religious club.
  3. You want to see a miracle? Show up on Sundays and watch God work!
  4. God is not building Friendship for our fame—He’s building it for His fame!
  5. A building will never be more important than the people!

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The Next Phase of Friendship


Over the past two years we’ve been preparing for this moment, to open a larger space that will be a tool used to continue to glorify God as an effective and influential church.

Our patience and reliance on God is beginning to take physical shape, but this is just the beginning of the MOMENTUM LAUNCH.

Click the button below to see three challenges we’re asking each person of Friendship to take to initiate the LAUNCH Sequence.

How can I LAUNCH?

Kids Zone: Take It Home With You!



What We Learned:

The Bible is like a road map showing us the way to the future. God has big plans for our church, the more we glorify God and work together to tell people about Jesus, the better focused we are on the vision!

In The Car:

Tell your kids about a time where you had to focus your energy to accomplish something you knew God wanted you to do. Did you have to give up something or make any sacrifices to follow God’s plan for your life? How did it work out in the end?

At Bedtime:

Pray with your kids thanking God for all of the amazing things he has done at Friendship, all of the awesome things he is doing now, and all of the amazing things yet to come!