Thursday, October 12th 2017

"I felt more prepared for what I’ve been called to do." -Ryan Martin

Ryan’s life was very confusing and sometimes frustrating because he was looking for answers to questions that he couldn’t find for himself.

Then he made the choice to follow Jesus. It was after that moment that things began to change.

“[God] started to answer some of my questions and every time Sunday Nights [and baptisms] were mentioned I felt He was trying to say ‘You should do that.’”

“I wanted to make that public display of my faith.”

Getting baptized during Sunday Nights was very fun and exciting.

“It was like a party you could say,” Ryan shared.

After being baptized at Friendship, Ryan felt more comfortable moving forward with God’s calling and following Friendship’s vision to glorify God as an effective and influential church.

“I felt more prepared for what I’ve been called to do in the church because of some of the questions God has answered for me.”