Wednesday, December 9th 2015

Steel Beams and Concrete Pylons | A Building Update from Pastor Dave

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Everywhere you look now on the property you’ll see signs of construction taking place. It’s an amazing and, to be honest, an overwhelming site to behold. All of the changes that are being made to our physical campus, and the inconvenience it sometimes causes can be difficult to manage.

But, then I stop and I think about all of the lives that will be changed because we now have a chair for them to sit in, a room that their child can learn about Jesus, and a parking lot the has more than just one spot to choose. These things are HUGE to people who are looking for excuses to not follow the draw of the Holy Spirit on their lives. Think back to when you first went to church, how intimidating, foreign, and downright scary it was. We want to break down those barriers that may keep them from hearing the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

What we are doing right now may seem inconvenient, but it is absolutely essential to the next phase of Friendship Church.

One of the most exciting things for me over the last month was to watch our kiddos as they were unleashed on Friendship Park for the first time. Oh my word, you should have heard the squeals, excitement, and awe that came from them…and from their parents when they came and picked them up! My favorite parent reaction, as conveyed to me by Jamie Hampton was, “This is legit!” So, if you haven’t had a chance to take a peek at what is going on behind our building, do yourself a favor and check this ‘legit’ play park out!