Worst Advice Ever

We all have that family member or friend who is always dishing out advice.

You know who they are, the know-it-alls, the ones with the “greatest wisdom,” yet their lives are in shambles. When they drop those nuggets of wisdom at family gatherings or parties we just roll our eyes and smile. We know that they have no clue what they are talking about and we often laugh about it afterward. But, there is someone in your life who you and I constantly take bad advice from, ourselves! What if we actually recognized that we’re giving ourselves some of the worst advice ever and decided to make a change? As we jump into a new year, let’s turn this bad advice upside down and start taking action in our lives.


Pt. 1 - Don’t Set Any Goals
Josh Miller December 31, 2017
Pt. 2 - Chill On This God Thing
Dave Crandall January 7, 2018
Pt. 3 - Self Medicate
Dave Crandall January 14, 2018
Pt. 4 - Cut Corners
Andy Wendling January 21, 2018
Pt. 5 - Compare & Compete
Dave Crandall January 28, 2018