The Perfect Parent…And Other Myths


We see their Instagram pictures and Facebook posts of their darling children doing hopelessly creative things, spending long afternoons without meltdowns at the apple orchard, or frolicking joyfully in the backyard with their siblings. These perfectly timed snapshots lead us to believe that this is how it always must be in their homes. What you don’t see are the destroyed rooms, crayon walls, bite marks, and cataclysmic tantrums that proceed or follow these frozen moments of perfection.

Join us for this series as we attempt to demystify what it takes to be a great…but never perfect…parent!

Congrats to all of the #PerfectParentMyth Instagram Contest finalists!






Pt. 1 - Timeouts Are Just for Kids
Dave Crandall April 3, 2016
Pt. 2 - It’s Not Worth It
Dave Crandall April 10, 2016
Pt. 3 - They’ll Figure It Out
Dave Crandall April 17, 2016
Pt. 4 - Just Get ‘Em To 18
Dave Crandall April 24, 2016