The Moral of the Story

Jesus loved to tell stories, in fact, the Bible says that he never spoke to the crowd without telling a story of some kind. He didn’t tell stories just because they were engaging or interesting, he told them to hammer home a point. Many of these stories, or parables as the Bible calls them, are recorded for us in the first four books of the Bible. During this series we will be diving deep into five of these powerful and instructive stories and learn what Jesus was trying to tell us!



Pt. 1 - The Sower
Dustin Pead July 3, 2016
Pt. 2 - The Vine and The Branches
Dave Crandall July 10, 2016
Pt. 3 - The Lamp
Josh Miller July 17, 2016
Pt. 4 - The Two Builders
Don Stewart July 24, 2016
Pt. 5 - The Prodigal Son
Andy Wending July 31, 2016