Humanity has always been obsessed with self. Just about every generation at one point in time or another in our modern world has been labeled the “Me Generation.” But, it would seem that over the last decade it has been escalated to all time heights.
With the advent of social media, and the social media ‘celebrity,’ everyone seems to be desiring the spotlight. This truth was highlighted at the end of 2013 when the Oxford Dictionary said that the word of the year was “Selfie”. This mentality has dragged along with it all sorts of unintended consequences and some of those consequences can be downright destructive.
During this series we’ll talk about the dangers of being focused too much on yourself, what you are missing out on, and teach you how to turn the phone around and focus on something greater than yourself.


Pt. 1 - #SELFIE Deceived
Dave Crandall October 26, 2014
Pt. 2 - #SELFIE Centered
Dave Crandall November 2, 2014
Pt. 3 - #SELFIE Identity
Dave Crandall November 9, 2014