Mr & Mrs

Everyone thinks that what is going on in their home is unique.

That no one else has their problems, or is experiencing their struggles. The reality is that the vast majority of issues and difficulties in marriage are not only common, but they are normal! Your neighbors are dealing with them, your parents are, your friends are, and even the couples you hold in the highest esteem…yup they are too! So, lets quit pretending that everything is ‘fine’, or thinking that ‘we’re the only ones dealing with this’, and get working on the four essential elements that will make our marriages better, stronger, and a whole lot more fun!


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Pt. 1 - Unconditional Love
Dave Crandall February 4, 2018
Pt. 2 - Intimacy
Dave Crandall February 11, 2018
Pt. 3 - Friendship
Dave Crandall February 18, 2018
Pt. 4 - Friendship
Dave Crandall February 18, 2018
Pt. 5 - Encouragement
Dave Crandall February 25, 2018