Less Is More

Minimalism has become the new hot trend in the US.

Getting rid of things, having fewer clothes, even the ‘tiny house’ movement has taken off like crazy. But, this isn’t really a new thing, the Bible has been teaching us for years that if we declutter our lives we will be able to more freely follow him and live for him, that in Christ, less can most definitely be more!



Let’s Celebrate Christmas Eve together!

Join us Sunday, December 24th at 10:30AM as we celebrate the birth of our Savior — the One who deserves every ounce of worship we can give Him! We’re ready for an incredible Christmas Eve morning with many songs that will draw our hearts upward toward Jesus.

Pt. 1 - Less Spending, More Giving
Dave Crandall December 3, 2017
Pt. 2 - Less Hurry, More Time
Dave Crandall December 10, 2017
Pt. 3 - Less Christmas, More Jesus
Dave Crandall December 17, 2017
Pt. 4 - Less Me, More Worship
Dave Crandall December 24, 2017