As a church we have worked incredibly hard to accomplish great things for God. We’ve sacrificed and served, and so this next year will be our Jubilee. A year to do what we do and allow things to fill out the way God desires.

We’ll get “comfortable” in our new space, grow as God desires and watch as he continues to provide all that we need! So, let’s take a step back and rejoice in what God has given us as we embrace that #ThisIsOurJubilee!

Pt. 1 - A Year of Atonement & Redemption
Dave Crandall November 6, 2016
Pt. 2 - A Year of Rest & Reclamation
Dave Crandall November 13, 2016
Pt. 3 - A Year of Trust & Thanksgiving
Dave Crandall November 20, 2016
Pt. 4 - Vision Sunday 2016
Dave Crandall November 20, 2016
Pt. 5 - A Year of Joy & Celebration
Dave Crandall November 27, 2016