It’s Not About Me

We tend to make our worlds “me-centric”. We fill our lives up with things that make us happy in the moment, but never truly satisfy. And in the midst of all of this me-style…we’ve missed the fact that God has perfectly positioned us within a group of people who desperately need to see Jesus in us.

During this series we’ll look at how to live in the freedom that comes from knowing that it’s not our responsibility to fix, improve, or maintain everything around us; that God is truly in control, and that He will be our greatest joy. If we can get that, if we will allow that truth to fill us, then no matter what comes our way, Christ will shine through us…because after all, it’s not about me!


Pt. 1 - Because It’s All About Him!
Dave Crandall November 1, 2015
Pt. 2 - But It Starts In Me!
Dave Crandall November 8, 2015
Pt. 3 - But I Can Make A Difference!
Dave Crandall November 15, 2015