The Bible teaches that all of humanity is God’s special creation. That we alone in the universe bear the image, the mark of God on us.

We are special not because of something within each of us, but because of the one who crafted us. The Bible also tells us that each of us has a unique and individual calling, a specific purpose for which we exist and live, and when we discover that purpose we will find our ultimate fulfillment.

Pt. 1 - Your Calling
Dave Crandall June 25, 2017
Pt. 2 - Called To Be Loved
Dave Crandall July 2, 2017
Pt. 3 - Called To Belong
Dave Crandall July 9, 2017
Pt. 4 - Called To Become
Josh Miller July 16, 2017
Pt. 5 - Called To Bless
Don Stewart July 23, 2017
Pt. 6 - Called To Be Sent
Andy Wendling July 30, 2017