But What About…?

People, both Christian and non-Christian have questions that relate to faith, God, and the Bible. For centuries the church just said, ‘you just have to believe’ instead of taking the time to answer the questions that people have. This lead to a world believing that Christianity is some type of ‘leave your brain’ at the door religion that really doesn’t have answers to some of life’s and faith’s toughest questions! During this series we will take some of the toughest and most asked questions head on, and answer them so that you can both understand and be able to answer it for others!


You Asked For It!

We all have questions about God and faith, and during this series, we invite you to ask them! On Sunday, October 9th, Pastor Dave will answer YOUR questions that relate to faith, God, and the Bible.

Question submissions are now closed. We look forward to answering many of your questions on October 9th.

Missed the Facebook Live event on September 18th?

No problem! You can view it below.



Pt. 1 - How can you trust the bible?
Dave Crandall September 4, 2016
Pt. 2 - If God is so good why is there evil and suffering?
Dave Crandall September 11, 2016
Pt. 3 - How can Jesus be the only way to God?
Dave Crandall September 18, 2016
Pt. 4 - What about all the people who’ve never even heard of Jesus?
Dave Crandall September 25, 2016
Pt. 5 - Can you even prove God exists?
Dave Crandall October 2, 2016
Pt. 6 - You Asked For It
Dave Crandall October 9, 2016
Pt. 7 - You Asked For It | Overtime & Extra Content
Dave Crandall October 9, 2016