Monday, May 2nd 2016

God uses the willing and honors the humble.


As we began the story of Deborah we saw that she came from very humble beginnings. And really when you look at it, many of the men and women that God uses throughout the Bible start as relatively unknown people, because in their obscurity, they were faithful to God. They followed God when the spotlight was off, so God knew they’d follow when the pressure was on. God has a pattern of doing this, and even tells us that this is part of his process of raising up people who make an impact.

The 5:

A recap of Dave Crandall’s Message, “Humble Beginnings” in 5 points or less.

  1. Before I can lead others I must first lead myself!
  2. Only when I embrace my role will God expand my role!
  3. My giftedness should be recognized by others not publicized by me!
  4. Take your gift and cultivate it.
  5. Don’t brag about yourself—let others praise you. (Proverbs 27:2 CEV)

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This Week’s Music


What we sang yesterday: LISTEN NOW

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Kids Zone: Take It Home With You!


What We Learned:

Today we read in Ecclesiastes 2:1-11 about the wisest man who ever lived! He tried all sorts of things to make himself happy but learned that in the end only Jesus can make you truly happy. Check out Ecclesiastes to find out more!

In The Car:

Everyone take turns saying what makes them happy! How can we give God praise and tell him thank you for putting those things in our lives? Keep this game going all week!

At Bedtime:

Read Ecclesiastes 2:1-11, then pray with your child.  Thank God for all he has created! Thank him for caring about us! Praise him for being the source, the creator, and the giver of joy and happiness! Remember a time when you laughed together, thank God for those happy feelings and the love you share as a family.