Monday, May 15th 2017

Problems create opportunities that force us to grow and change! #HugeMistakesEveryParentMakes

The 5:

A recap of Dave Crandall’s Message, “Problem Free”
in 5 points or less.

  1. Struggling to accomplish something teaches us we need to get better in that area. If we never let our kids struggle then they don’t think they need to improve.
  2. Struggling gives our kids a well rounded reality, it helps them see that it’s okay to not always have every answer, and it encourages them to rely on Christ!
  3. If our kids never have to really work for anything, they will never truly understand the value of work, and eventually they get to the point where they don’t even see the purpose of work, they’ll always pursue the empty promises of the ‘easy way out.’
  4. There is a certain satisfaction found in doing a job well, even if it doesn’t lead to wealth and riches. There is a profound, internal peace that is enjoyed by those who accomplish things.
  5. If we teach our kids that God is always there even when we are not, we are setting them up for a life of success even in the midst of failure!

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Kids Zone: Take It Home With You!


What We Learned:

A boy named Samuel heard the voice of God! God gave him a message to tell Eli the priest, but he was afraid of what Eli might do or say because it was not good news. Samuel told the truth even though it was hard, and God rewarded him by making him a very important man for his whole life!

In The Car:

Tell your kids about a time you had to tell the truth, even when you were unsure of the consequences. How did it turn out? Did you get in trouble? Did the person react poorly? Have everyone take turns telling each other of a time they told the truth!

At Bedtime:

Read 1 Samuel 3 with your child. Pray together, thanking God for being true no matter what! Thank God for his word the Bible, and that we can always trust what God says. Pray that he would help us be brave, and to tell the truth no matter what!

Weekly Challenge:

My Words Should Always Be True!

Kids have been challenged this week to tell the truth no matter what, even if it may be scary or they think they will get in trouble. Telling the truth right away helps us avoid more serious consequences down the road! God wants our words to always be true!