Thursday, October 12th 2017

"I had found what I needed to fuel my passion to live my life for God and Jesus." -Jenna Mollo

Before coming to Christ, Jenna was living for herself.

“I wasn’t seeking God’s guidance in my decision making. I was living a ‘good’ life, but I knew it could be better. I could be better.”

Jenna had known God for a long time, but wasn’t working on her relationship with Him. She had been saved when she was younger, but had never been baptized. She started seeing fun posts on Facebook by a Friendship partner about parenting struggles that she could relate to.

“I liked how the church’s messages were being presented. I followed them on social media for a couple months, and felt God’s nudge telling me to go check it out it in person. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.”

After attending Friendship for several months, she knew she had finally made the choice to follow God wholeheartedly.

“I had found what I needed to fuel my passion to live my life for God and Jesus. I knew I was ready to share that decision with everyone.”

Jenna was nervous the night of her baptism, but having someone to walk her through the night, and answer any questions she had calmed her nerves. She described the Sunday Nights experiences as “full of life.” One of her daughters was also baptized that night, right along with her.

“I could feel everyone’s love and joy deep in my soul. It excites me to know I’ll get to celebrate that same choice and feeling with and for others.”

Since her baptism Jenna has been volunteering in the 1s and 2s rooms. Having a two year old she appreciates getting an hour every Sunday to listen to the message without the distractions he could cause if he were with her.

“I love knowing I get to help others in the same way. I’m sure that’s just the beginning of my role. I look forward to sharing God’s love in anyway that makes sense for who and what He’s created me to be.”