Monday, February 27th 2017

Good planning avoids extremes! #BuildingALifeThatMatters

The 5:

A recap of Dave Crandall’s Message,
“Plan For Your Future”
in 5 points or less.

  1. Don’t be so frugal that the present is miserable or so frivolous that the future is in doubt.
  2. God intends for us to live our lives in balance, He has no desire for us to be either under-funded or over-stressed.
  3. When planning for the future, think long term, reduce your risk, avoid the trap of perfection, create additional revenue streams, and enjoy every minute.
  4. Remember that your ultimate future is contentment in God!
  5. How will you adjust your plans to avoid extremes?

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Kids Zone: Take It Home With You!


What We Learned:

In the Bible God tells us he has big plans for us! By learning to manage the little money we have now as kids, God is teaching us how to manage a lot when we get older! Wisdom from godly people can help us plan for our future, so we can bless others as we grow. It’s all part of God’s big plan for our lives!

In The Car:

Tell your kids about a time when you could or couldn’t help someone in need because of how you prepared for your future; whether good or bad. How did God use that moment to teach you why saving and planning is an important part of following him? What blessings have you received since you started doing things God’s way instead of your own way?

At Bedtime:

Read Luke 16:10 and Jeremiah 29:11. Pray with your kids, thanking God for his plan for their future! Pray that God would bless your children with wisdom and discernment, as they learn to follow God with their whole life, even in their finances! Pray that God would bless them with never having to worry about having food or a place sleep, and that God might use them to help others in need.

Weekly Challenge:

Plan For Your Future!

Kids are challenged to talk with their parents about their savings. Do they have a savings account, or a college fund? How can they begin setting godly habits now with the little money they are earning–to prepare for their future? By being faithful with a little, God is preparing them to be faithful with MUCH as they grow!