Monday, December 4th 2017

When we spend less (time, energy, money, effort) on things that won’t last, we can give more (time, energy, money, effort) to things that last forever! -Dave Crandall #ChristmasAtFriendship

The 5:

A recap of Dave Crandall’s Message, “Less Spending, More Giving”
in 5 points or less.

  1. Christmas is supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Christ, it’s HIS birthday. We give gifts because He was the greatest gift the world ever received!
  2. WORSHIP FULLY – Because Christmas begins and ends with Jesus. The first act of worship is giving of yourself!
  3. SPEND LESS – Feel less stress, and free resources for things that matter to Jesus. Give one less gift, and give that money to an eternally significant cause.
  4. GIVE MORE – Give relationally to offer one another presence, rather than merely presents. Intentionally invest yourself in the lives of those you love, plan times to just be present with each other.
  5. LOVE ALL – Love the least of these the way Jesus asked us to. Commit to doing one unselfish, loving act to someone who cannot repay.

Watch the Full Message Here