Friendship Kids Preschool & Childcare FAQs

What programs do you offer?

  • Educational Childcare for children ages 12 months-12 years
  • Preschool Only Programs for children 3yrs-5yrs.  Classes are from 9am-11:30am.  Must be fully potty trained, 2 day, 3 day, 4 day, and 5 day programs available.
  • Before and After Care (Including Transportation) for Grassy Creek Elementary, Break-O-Day Elementary, and Whiteland Elementary
  • Break Only Care, subject to availability

What are your hours?

  • 6am-6pm, Monday-Friday

What will my child do all day?

  • Glad you asked! Our educational childcare programs begin at 6am. We will have a sleepy time area if your child would like to nap before the school day begins. Breakfast is not provided, but if you would like to send breakfast items with your child they are welcome to eat any time prior to class. We also offer engaging play areas, books and reading, and several craft and activity choices.
  • Preschool and general instruction begins at 9:00am. Preschool children will begin differently for each age group with several engaging activities. We integrate the Bible into every aspect of your child’s learning experience. As we learn our calendar, numbers, letters, colors and shapes we consistently relate them to our thematic units. Each unit is based on a significant Bible lesson, and then the interactive learning activities are built around that theme. For example the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the Fiery Furnace will be taught along with Fire Safety and trusting God. We will do science experiments with real fire, and enjoy a visit from the Greenwood Fire Department as well! This way your child is learning and practicing biblical character traits, all while learning essential life and safety skills.
  • Friendship Kids Childcare also offers indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • A lightly structured afternoon keeps your child engaged and reinforcing their learning concepts, without overwhelming them. Games and activities will keep them active and having fun all day. Homework tables and one-on-one assistance will be available for children in our after school care program. Then off to home to enjoy time with the family!

What discounts am I eligible for?

  • Anyone registering for Friendship Kids Preschool and Childcare programs are eligible for all offered discounts! No discount combined or otherwise may exceed 10%.
  • Registration discounts are offered at different times during the year; once they expire all standard rates apply.
  • Other discounts such as Friendship Partnership and our Multiple Child Discount are offered year round.

What about lunch?

  • Friendship Kids Preschool dismisses before lunchtime.
  • Friendship Kids Childcare will begin lunchtime at 11:45 for any students attending past this time.
  • Parents are required to provide lunch from home. Lunches will be refrigerated in accordance with State health guidelines, and we are not able to heat meals.

Will I have to pay for days my child is sick or on vacation?

  • All pricing is based on the set Program chosen. No pro-rating or billing adjustments will be offered for missed days for any reason.
  • The only exception to this is our vacation allowance policy for childcare students. Each family has one week of vacation allowance per calendar year for the program you are enrolled for.

What about holidays?

  • All holidays and closings appear on the school calendar. On these days no field trips will be scheduled. On the calendar where No Preschool appears, normal Childcare will remain open. On days that appear on the calendar as CLOSED, no Preschool or Childcare will be available.
  • For school age children no childcare for holidays or breaks are included in your program unless you are registered for Break Care. If you will require childcare anytime school is not in session, you can register online to make any additions to your program simple and easy.

How do I know my child is safe?

  • All doors to the building remain locked between the hours of 6am-6pm when Friendship Kids Preschool and Childcare is in operation.
  • Parents and Legal Guardians only will be given a 4 digit access code to enter the building anytime their child is in our care. This code is not released to any grandparents or other relatives for any reason.  Parents are required to sign in and sign out each time they bring a child into our care, and remove a child from our care.
  • All staff and volunteers must undergo drug testing, CPR and First Aid training, pass a criminal history and background check, and regularly attend an evangelical church body. This helps us ensure your children are being cared for the way you would care for them at home.
  • All staff members are trained in our safety and security policies, and practice monthly Fire and Tornado drills to ensure children are prepared to follow instructions during emergencies.

What happens if my child is hurt or injured?

  • In the event of a true emergency, we will phone 911 first, then the parent. For minor cuts or scrapes an “Ouch Form” will be sent home, documenting any boo-boos!
  • For illnesses, injuries, or any other occurrence, parents will be phoned immediately to ensure the safest possible treatment for your child and to keep you well informed!

Who is allowed to pick my child up from Friendship Kids Preschool and Childcare?

  • For Preschool students, the individual picking your child up must have the Car Security Number given at our open house or private registration appointment, visible in the vehicle’s window as specified in our handbook. If there is no Car Security Number present, the person picking up your child must park, come inside and show picture ID.
  • For Childcare, anyone listed on your Secure Pick Up List is authorized to pick up your child from care. All persons will be asked to show photo ID, and we will verify that they are listed on the form before your child will be released into their care.
  • We will verify with our Secure Pick Up List that this person has permission to pick up your child before releasing them if they do not have the Car Security Number posted in their vehicle. If they are not listed by the parent on the Secure Pick Up List, they will not be allowed access to your child and the parent will be called immediately. We will not accept any phone authorizations for pick up under any circumstance. Changes to the Secure Pick Up List may only be made by the parent or legal guardian in person to guarantee the highest level of safety and security.