Wednesday, November 11th 2015

I truly felt like God was saying “what are you waiting for?”!

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Amy didn’t grow up in a church. In fact, Friendship is the first church that she has felt like she’s a part of a body of believers!

“I became a believer while I was in high school, but never truly made much of an effort to grow my faith afterwards. I knew that baptism was my next step, but I never felt connected enough to a church to make that decision.”

Since her first time visiting Friendship, she’s felt connected.

“I’ve found myself really listening and applying what I hear each week to my daily life. After three years of leaving the little baptism box on my Connection Card blank, I truly felt like God was saying “what are you waiting for?”!

“The Sunday Nights experience was awesome! I was a little nervous but everyone was so kind! I felt loved and celebrated by my friends and family! I really appreciate my Friendship family being there for me that evening!

“Since my baptism my life hasn’t changed, it’s still full of challenges and difficulties, but how I respond to life has. God has given me strength during times I know, without a doubt, I could not have gotten through on my own.”

Is your Next Step Baptism? Have you been putting it off? What are you waiting for?